Short film: Blake & Dan’s Yukon 2022 Race Journey

Meet Blake and Dan, two friends who filmed their own epic Yukon 1000 adventure. This is an unfiltered look at the highs and lows of a Yukon 1000 race, with some lessons to learn for future racers—or anyone planning their own expedition.

Don’t let the team’s laid-back approach fool you; their preparation, knowledge, and drills meant that they were able to recover from a couple of tricky situations. The river in 2022 was flowing the fastest it ever has on the race, leading to some incredible finish times that still stand in top places today.

The Adventure Spirit: Beyond the race, Blake and Dan embody the “why not?” spirit. They’re here to remind you that life’s about grabbing it by the horns. So, whether you’re into extreme sports or just need a nudge to shake things up, these guys are an inspirational pair.

Click below to view via YouTube; it’s about an hour long.

To Dan & Blake – thank you for sharing your story and allowing others an insight in to the unique characters that compete in the Yukon 1000.

Film credit: Blake Ferree (@blakeferree) & Dan Rogan (@ran.dogan) (

Panic at the Rendezvous – finish time: 7 days, 6 hours and 24 minutes.

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