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Private Expeditions

For those that do not have the skills or background, or just don’t want to ‘enjoy’ the Yukon in extreme endurance race conditions, perhaps a private expedition is for you.

This option is open to individuals, groups or corporate bookings and can either be the full 1000 miles or bespoke to your requirements.


Learn how to survive in the last true wilderness on earth. Many individuals simply have not had the opportunity to learn about surviving in the outdoors, and it is NEVER too late to learn these essential life skills.


Build on your existing skill set. You may have competed in many supported endurance races in the past and need some time on the river in order to prepare to compete in the Yukon 1000.


Grow your passion for the outdoors. Extreme experiences shouldn’t be limited only to those who have been so fortunate to have learnt these from someone. Learn how to embrace a life in the outdoors whilst keeping yourself and others safe. Learn basic skills from planning and preparing kit, emergency medical training, how to build fitness and calculating food intake. Complacency will often be your biggest enemy.

Empowered expeditions

As a group, each of you will have the opportunity to lead for a portion of the trip. Individuals will walk away with the confidence to plan, build and execute their own expeditions, a skill that will ultimately improve not only mental well-being but how to research and explore new areas. A city break just won’t cut it ever again!


We are now taking bookings for 2023.

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