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Pirates of the Yukon: A Cinematic Guide for SUP Racers

In the world of extreme paddling, Scott Baste and Brad Friesen’s record-setting journey along the Yukon River stands out as an invaluable resource for anyone considering the Yukon 1000 race or a similar expedition. The documentary not only captures the stunning scenery and challenges of the course but also offers crucial insights for prospective racers. And who better to learn from than the fastest of all time SUP team – with a SUP record of 7 days, 6 hours, 34 minutes (see other results here).

The Cinematic Expedition

“Pirates of the Yukon” takes viewers on a slow-paced tour of the last untouched wilderness on Earth, featuring classic landmarks such as the steamboat graveyard and encounters with diverse wildlife. Scott and Brad’s GoPro footage showcases the river’s dynamic changes, shaped by the annual ice melt. It’s a visual treasure trove for those researching the Yukon River and the conditions they might face. 

And just like that, we’re at the second bridge

More Than a Race: Practical Insights

While the documentary spotlights the thrill of their SUP adventure, it also provides valuable practical information for racers. The forest fires, animal encounters, and changing river dynamics serve as a visual guide for understanding the challenges inherent in the Yukon 1000 race. Scott’s seemingly chill vibe shouldn’t overshadow the physical and mental demands of the course.

A Glimpse into the Unknown

In essence, this documentary is more than entertainment; it’s a playbook for those planning to conquer the Yukon 1000 or embark on a similar paddling expedition on a SUP. So, if you’re considering the challenge, grab your gear, hit play, and let Scott Baste and Brad Friesen be your visual guides through the breathtaking and challenging landscapes of the Yukon River.

To Scott & Brad- thank you for sharing your story and allowing others an insight in to the unique characters that compete in the Yukon 1000.

Film credit: Scott Baste & Brad Friesen

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