Skip & Craig

“  Everyone should challenge themselves at least once…..It’s time to set a new challenge and take on a new adventure. We hope to see you on the Yukon…. ”

For this team, the challenge started as a casual chat down the pub between two friends looking for a new adventure.  It resulted in Skip and Craig preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the challenge of a lifetime, and becoming Google experts in dealing with bears at the same time 🙂

One half of the team runs an outdoor activities and bushcraft centre in the UK, and the combination of skills, zest for life and good humour (which they say can get you through more than you think!)

We’ve been impressed with Team SHAC’s planning and preparation for the race – follow their socials to see what they are up to.  One benefit of having a film director on your crew is being able to produce content like this for your race promo – get to know the team here.


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