4. Pirates of the Yukon

Scott & Brad

“ No place I’d rather be ”

Race veteran Scott has some unfinished business on the river – placing 2nd in the SUP category in the 2018 Yukon 1000, we’re looking forward to seeing what he and race partner Brad can deliver.

Scott is a former elite level mountain bike racer, now an elite level paddleboarder who can be seen at many local and not so local races. A lifelong paddler, Scott grew up enjoying canoeing (a family past time) and kayaking. He enjoys slow easy paddling as well as spirited racing and especially long distance expedition racing. He has successfully competed in the Missouri 340, Yukon 1000, Everglades Challenge 300 (4 time winner), Suwannee 230, Kruger Waddell Challenge 240, Washington 360, and many other shorter courses. He consistently paddles well over 2500 miles per year. You can find Scott paddling in the Florida Keys all year round.

Brad grew up paddling and exploring the rivers, lakes, and backcountry of Manitoba. One of his early influencers to distance paddling was the book “Paddle to the Amazon” written by a local canoeing enthusiast Don Starkell.   Brad is the Race Director of the Red River Paddle Challenge which gives paddlers with a taste of what it’s like to paddle and experience a challenging race.  Some of you may recognise him from the Yukon blockbuster movie “Chased by the Midnight Sun” which documents the 2019 Yukon River Quest.

Brad was first introduced to the Yukon 1000 (and his now racing partner Scott) when the SUP teams went past his camp in 2018, the rest, as they say is history.


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