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Totally self-supported, paddle 1000 miles from Canada into the Arctic Circle; finishing in the Alaskan backcountry.

Pure isolation. Total exhaustion. Absolute self-sufficiency.

The Yukon 1000 follows the footsteps of early adventurers, immersing you in the raw, untouched wilderness that few humans will ever experience. No phones. No sat navs. This is a true digital detox. With up to 10 days to complete the race, you will cross the finish line to join the elite few who have conquered the world’s longest canoe race.


An epic, high-risk adventure.

Held in the same spirit as the early 20th century gold rush expeditions, this is more than a gruelling race, it’s a life-changing experience.

Teams must navigate the total isolation of the Alaskan wilderness, relying only on each other. This is a race without safety blankets or back ups; there is no one to follow.


“More people have been up Everest than have been beyond Dawson City”


Put survival to the test.

Yukon 1000 challengers must have the physical and mental fortitude to cope with the staggering feat of paddling 18 hours a day; just to complete the race.

Completely self sufficient, teams sleep rough where they stop, and in extreme cases must be able to survive in true wilderness.

No safety blankets.

Whitewater, fallen trees, braided and poorly mapped channels are just some of the challenges entrants will face. One wrong turn forces competitors to backtrack up river in the most isolated grizzly and black bear territory in the world.



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