The organisers reserve the right to refuse you application or entry and any time; particularly, if there is any safety doubts with teams or racers, or the rules are being negated. 

Pre – Administration Rules  

  1. All teams and racers must attend the pre-race kit inspection and brief on the Saturday 21st July 2018 (24 hrs before the race in Whitehorse).  A time and location will be emailed to all participants approximately 1 week before the race. 
  2. We aim to start the race as early as possible on the Sunday morning – A time will be confirmed 24 hours before the race starts, again communicated via email before the race. 
  3. The race is totally unsupported. Once you start at Whitehorse the only time you may seek assistance is for rescue or to repair your canoe/kayak/SUP.
  4. Teams must carry all food and water and are not permitted to stop/resupply at any time.
  5. All visas and ESTAs are the responsibility of the racers and most be produced at the pre-race inspection.
  6. Racers must insure they have medical and rescue insurance cover for the race.  The organisers are not responsible any emergency medical response or medical cover.  
  7. Teams must have some form of emergency satellite communications, with emergency contact numbers saved.  An emergency communications test will be completed at the pre-race inspection in Whitehorse.
  8. Teams must have at least 1 bear spray per team and understand how to deploy it. 
  9. Teams must ensure there SPOT tracker is register to SPOT and they are competent users. The organiser will sync the tracker on their system before the race starts.
  10. SPOT tracker will be set at 30 minute interval tracking.
  11. All teams must have sufficient mapping for their abilities.  There area is not independently mapped and the organisers are not responsible for your navigation or abilities to navigate.
  12. Teams must have all human population areas marked on their mapping. 
  13. Racer must have GPS and be proficient in its use. 
  14. All teams are to ensure they have the organisers cell/mobile phone number saved in the event of post emergency extraction contact.  The will be issued at the race pre-brief in Whitehorse. 

 The Race  

  1. All racers must wear their life vest at all times. 
  2. Teams will paddle for no more than 18 hours a day and must stop each evening by 2300hrs to observe the mandatory 6 hours rest.  Teams that fail to observe the minimum 6 hours will be disqualified (note that teams are permitted to rest for longer). 
  3. SUP teams must stay together for the duration of the race, including overnight rest points be no more than 30 metres apart. 
  4. Once a team stops after 18 hrs they are to mark their stop on the SPOT tracker and then turn the device off –  After the 6 hours rest they are the mark again and the they may start paddling.  (This will be practiced and covered in the last race brief in Whitehorse) 
  5. Teams are responsible for their own accurate time management.  Any creeping early departures will result in disqualification. 
  6. Teams must ensure all camp fires are put out and rubbish collected before leaving rest points. 
  7. Teams must support each other if possible in the event of an emergency – Any unsportsmanlike behaviour with regards to safety will result in any records of the team accomplishments being ‘deleted’! 
  8. Teams that struggle with the pace may be pulled out the race at Dawson City.  The organisers reserve this right for safety procedures. 
  9. Teams will be required to carry out a visual welfare stop at Dawson City, but may not land.  This will be covered in detail at the final race brief in Whitehorse. 

End of Race  

  1. Teams will finish at the Dalton Highway bridge – exit will be covered in detail at the racer pre brief in Whitehorse. 
  2. Teams are responsible for their own travel plans after the race – note that the race organisers will ONLY be picking up vessels where pre-arranged. 
  3. Please ensure you allow yourself enough time to catch your exit flight, we recommend 10 days as a maximum race duration. 

Kit List  

  • Kayak Canoe or SUP (spray skirt) Kanoepeople.com​ 
  • Paddles + spare ​ 
  • Bear barrel ​– If possible 
  • Satellite phone​ or text device – Containing emergency numbers 
  • Spot tracker​ 
  • Mapping and hard copy of race rules ​ 
  • Food ​to 10 days each 
  • Water ​- Water purification kit 
  • Rubbish/garbage ​bag 
  • ife jacket – Each team member must carry a U.S. Coast Guard or Canadian Department of Transport approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD). ​ 
  • 1 x Signal mirror​ 
  • 1 x Whistle​ 
  • 1 x pack of waterproofed windproof matches or suitable fire starting kit​ 
  • 1 x Knife​ 
  • $40 US Dollars & $40 Canadian Dollars​ 
  • 1 x credit card per team (minimum $1000 limit in case of emergency medical costs)​ 
  • 1 x USCG approved emergency strobe per team​ 
  • One emergency space bivvy sack per person.​ (Foil blanket) 
  • 1 x Bear spray​ 
  • Bear bangers – optional  
  • Documentation for crossing the US border at Eagle​ 
  • Waterproof jacket per person​ 
  • Water resistant electric torch showing a white light + spare batteries​ 
  • Warm jacket (not down)​ 
  • Medical Kit – (appropriate emergency first aid kit per team)​ 
  • Sun cream factor 50 – suggested​ 
  • Spare dry clothing ​ 
  • Cooking equipment​ 
  • Sleeping bag ​ 
  • 1 x tent​ 
  • 2 x GPS – suggested 1 x in use and 1 x in grab bag.​ 
  • Food 11 days ​ 
  • Batteries for all devices 

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