Detailed race rules will be published in 2018 but an outline of the rules is listed here:

  • The 2018 Yukon 1000 is an unsupported wilderness paddling race down the Yukon River from Whitehorse, Yukon, across the US/Canada border and onto the Dalton Highway Bridge north of Fairbanks Alaska.
  • The race runs through the most isolated area of North America, teams will spend days without contact with other living persons. The Yukon River has very few access points and fewer people living along its banks.
  • However physically prepared teams are, things can and do go wrong: damaged shoulders, wrists, hands, exhaustion, hypothermia or just getting cold and tired.
  • Teams should be capable of immediate self preservation and be equipped to be self sufficient for at least two weeks.
  • Each team must carry a Spot tracking device, there is no other emergency tracking device other than this. Teams may carry satellite phones but will be sealed by the race committee and only used extreme situations.
  • All teams must pack mandatory extreme survival equipment and be prepared for encounters with large wildlife. Mandatory kit inspections will take place before the start of the race.
  • Competitors camp where they stop, there will be no one else for tens of miles and no back up unless in extremis.
  • The 2018 Yukon 1000 is open to competitors in C2 and K2 type boats, SUP entrants will be considered depending on the number of entries (this is due to logistical time considerations). The race will start at 6am Sunday 22 July 2018. The Race entry opens on 10 Nov 2017 with the official entry form and payment of entry fee constituting a team’s intent to enter.
  • The maximum number of teams allowed to start the race is 30, this is constrained by the logistical challenge of returning canoes from the Arctic circle. The race committee will collate entries and offer 30 teams the opportunity to race based on experience in padding and also high risk adventure experience.
  • The race committee reserve the right to reject any entry where they feel the lack of experience or physical health of any individual might endanger their life, or the life of a team mate.

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