8. Team Ireland

Colin & Jim

“  We have come together from two different generations of kayakers and two different disciplines. We want to promote the importance of Green and Blue exercise along with the beautiful sport of kayaking. Pure Cork!  ”

These bio’s certainly take a bit of reading and would put a few adventurers to shame – there isn’t much that these two have not done on the water.  The only Irish team on the race this year, both owning their own outdoor company’s (Emerald Outdoors & Atlantic Sea Kayaking if you’re in the area) they spend the majority of their waking hours in or on the water.   From training the army in Kenya, competing on the Irish National Kayaking team, winning the Devizes to Westminster twice, four years working on the River Nile as a white water guide… we could go on and on here!

These two seem like they have a few tales to tell about the experiences they have had around the world – welcome to the Yukon 1000 line up Team Ireland.


**2021 Race deferred**

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