11. Had me at Paddle

Glenn & Maureen

“ Life is hard; be steel, be a rock And this might stand for you for the storms And serve you for the humdrum and monotony And tighten you for slack moments. Life is soft loam; be gentle, go easy. And this, too, might serve you.” – Carl Sandburg

Another incredibly interesting pair to join the Yukon 1000 race community – this team believe that powerful life-altering learning experiences most often involve teamwork, persistence, physical endurance, mental fortitude, self-discipline, and controlled risk.   When we have our conversations with finishers of the race a truer word could not be spoken.

This team have an incredible amount of lived experience in living in the wilderness and formal training with a strong connection to the First Nation people.   These two feel at home in the wilderness and and deeply respect the power and beauty of nature.


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