39. Team Backshall

Helen & Steve

“ Super psyched for the race, we just need to find three babysitters…”

We’re so proud that the 2021 starting line-up will see more female racers than we’ve ever had before, and Helen Glover from Team Backshall is certainly setting the bar high.  A British national treasure, two time Olympic champion, triple World champion, quintuple World Cup champion and triple European champion and rated 9th fittest woman in the world by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Helen will be paddling alongside husband Steve, also a very well known Brit that has lived a life outdoors. Steve has acquired a vast amount of experience across all terrains – big wall, mountaineering, sea kayak, white water kayak, jungle, desert and the Arctic…

Combined, this team have what it takes on paper to be successful – expedition and paddling experience and with three young children they will be no strangers to sleep deprivation.


**2021 Race deferred**

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