11. No Roads Here

Jonathan & Tom

A thousand miles of water roll, to leave their mark upon me.

Wash my skin, yet burn within,  a process of refining.

Cleanse the Spirit; Cleanse the Soul.

Make the whole more clean.

As I embark to leave my mark, upon our history.

The passion for the wilderness and overcoming adversity together really shone through in their application and we’re looking forward to see what these two experienced competitors can do together.

As we’ve said many times the partnership between team members can make or break a race. The physical challenge is only one part of this endeavour, the mental challenge is another feat entirely and having a sibling as a team member, who will knows how to get you out of a slump, can be a critical success factor when fatigue kicks in and the challenge ahead seems overwhelming.

Jonathan and Tom have a strong connection with Alaska and are experienced in tackling the terrain that the river offers up. They have had what they describe as ‘multiple, amicable bear encounters’, hundreds of hours of training and recreation miles on rivers of all sizes and a passion for the wilderness.


**2021 Race deferred**

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