2020 race detail

Please read the below before continuing to the race application form. Note that you can now submit your applications separately so make sure you’ve agreed a team name in order for us to match your applications (team name can be changed at a later date if successful).



A class is three vessels or more of the same class – ‘this is a race not a jolly’

The intended classes for 2019 are as follows:

  • C2 - start on 19th July 2020 : 0730hrs

  • K2 – start on 19th July 2020 : 0730hrs

  • SUP - This will start on the 18th July 2020 : 0730hrs (only in pairs)

We will not accept individual paddlers for this race as it is far too dangerous to paddle alone.


  • The Race.  The nature of this race makes it truly expeditionary and extreme, therefore we look for people with a general outdoors background and not purely those who have mastered their vessel class.  This race is in every way about your individual outdoor confidence and ability to survive and self-rescue, as it is about paddling.   Applicants often fail to gain a place on the race due their poor due diligence and integrity; this is sadly why we cut far more people than we select. Please ensure all application information is accurate and true - this is an insurance requirement as well as a vetting tool.

  • We are looking for: Bush craft, medical, paddle class experience and a positive attitude go a long way.  Experience does not need to be courses and formal qualifications, but bush time and a passion for the outdoors is often obvious in successful application.

  • Application process.  Once you have applied, we will take up to a month to screen applicants and we will email those successful with further guidance.  This will take the from of a PowerPoint brief giving you all the detail you need to start conducting your own research and training. We will close applications by August 11th 2019, and successful applications will be notified no later than August 16th 2019. 

  • Filming for the race.  If you a filming the race and wish to bring a crew then please inform the team.  Please be aware we will only allow filming at the start and finish points – all racers are self-sufficient and must not have outside help.

  • Social Media on route.  All communications devices will be placed into a tamper-proof bag at the start of the race and must only be used in the event of an emergency.  If there is any evidence racers have communicated outside of the race then they will be disqualified and no record held of their attendance.


  • All teams must own a SPOT tracker, and have it registered and set to track ping every 30 minutes.

  • All team must have the complete required kit list or will be refused entry.

  • All teams must have a ‘satellite phone’ voice capable – users will be tested on setting up and use.

  • No text only devices will be accepted on this race; such as InReach or SPOTX.

  • There will be a cut off at Dawson City that we be made in conjunction with the weather forecast and briefed to the racers at the start line.

  • The Yukon 1000 Team have the right at any point to refuse a team or race if they feel they are un-safe or their preparation and abilities are questionable.

  • The race cut off is 9 Days 5 Hours.


The race fee is $2,270 CAD per person and is non-refundable. This must be paid in full in order to confirm your place on the race. We will consider split payments if required - decided on a case by case basis.

What’s included

1.       Field Rescue Cover

2.       Insurance from the point of injury, to the nearest hospital or appropriate medical care

3.       Reach Back Medical Advice 24hrs Operations room with a doctor

4.       24hrs Race Monitoring and welfare line for families and friends

5.       Social media coverage and photos

6.       Boat pick up and equipment at the end

7.       Burgers and beer on the evenings 17-18 July.

8.       T-shirts and recognition reward

What’s not included

 1.       Boat and equipment hire

2.       Your personal medical insurance.

3.       Your cross-border U.S ESTA/Visa.

4.       A room at the Dalton Motel.

5.       We cannot take any personal belongings to the finish point.

6. $50 for pick and bus from Dalton High Bridge.