Be under no illusion - the 2020 Yukon 1000 is a dangerous undertaking.

We encourage a wide variety of individuals to enter this race, part of the Yukon 1000 community is the bringing together of individuals with a common purpose – to push past their perceived physical and mental limits #pushpastimpossible.

The Yukon 1000 race committee provides the format for the race and monitoring. There is no safety cover on the race other than the Spot tracking and casualty evacuation.

The race committee will collate entries and offer 30 teams the opportunity to race based on a range of criteria, including paddling and high risk adventure experience. The race committee reserve the right to reject any entry where they feel the lack of experience or physical health of any individual might endanger their life, or the life of a team mate. The minimum age for any team member is 19 years old.

Please carefully consider the below points before entering:

  • Unsupported. This race is totally unsupported - meaning the race crew will handrail the race on land for the purposes of monitoring the competitors and gathering data.  They will only be able to attend incidents where the terrain allows – the land route is almost as challenging as the river.   

  • Fitness. Racers will paddle for 18 hours per day maximum, with a minimum required rest of 6 hours.  You must meet the distance and speed requirements, or you may be extracted from the race at the halfway point.

  • Extraction.  If you decide you cannot continue, by virtue of the geography this is not simple – you will still need to get yourself to the next populated area and you will be responsible for your own transport etc from that point.

  • Medical evacuation.  Depending on where an incident occurs and the weather conditions you may be waiting up to 10 ours for CASVAC.  You have the responsibility of your own life and that of your teammate in your hands at this point. We will give further guidance of the race pre-brief on best practices and insurance.

  • Predators.  Do not underestimate the threat of the apex predators in this environment.  Many of these animals may not have come in to contact with humans before.   Racers must maintain a constant awareness of this threat and be confident in managing an encounter to prevent attack.

OK, so you still want to apply?! Registration is via this website and opens in June 2019.  Remember, not being honest about your abilities puts the life of you and your teammate in danger.



To register teams must submit their names, team name and email address via the website (registration will go live in June 2019)

  • Registration opens June 10, 2019. Links to registration form will be posted on this website and on social media channels.

  • First set of applications will be considered on August 11, 2019 - successful racers will be notified within 48 hours.  Full race fee and further team details will be due by August 31st. There will be a waitlist of 10 teams. 

  • Teams that do not pay the race fee or supply complete information by 31st August will forfeit their place and it will be awarded to a team on the waitlist who will have 14 days to respond to offer, pay race fee and supply all required information.

  • A full race briefing will be sent to all accepted racers detailing transport information, equipment required, and other relevant info.

    Race date is 19th July 2020 – starting at 7am.  Racers must be in Whitehorse on the evening of 17th July 2020. SUP racers may be required to start 24 hours in advance.

  • All racers will be required to attend the mandatory pre-race briefing in Whitehorse.