A private expedition is a unique way to experience the Yukon and have a genuinely life-changing experience.

Our new race partner, Great Game Expeditions offers individuals and corporates the opportunity to experience the Yukon and learn how to survive in one of the last true wildernesses on Earth.

Leadership. The expedition will be led by you. Drawing on the skills that you will learn from experienced leaders, you will be empowered to take charge of key decisions throughout the journey.

Survival. Following intensive training you will learn skills required to plan, manage and lead your own expedition. This will include an ability to identify, manage and contain risks.

Personal growth. We are very seldom truly pushed to the limits of our mental and physical ability. Through our experience we have seen the impact that achieving something like a Yukon expedition can help individuals develop a stronger sense of who they are and what they are truly capable of – building self-confidence and changing perspectives.

Discovery. More people have been up Everest than have been to some parts of the Yukon, you will have the unique experience of seeing stunning scenery and wildlife in their own habitat – such as bears, wolves, wolverine, eagles, beaver, salmon, moose and other wild animals that inhabit the Yukon area.

Corporate. High-performing teams require an adventure and experience to match the intensity of their working lives. Great Game Expeditions offers an opportunity for leaders to truly disconnect from operational business and build relationships based on shared experiences to develop trust and mutual respect.

Great Game Expeditions has been built by individuals with an extraordinary level of experience in adventure and survival training. These individuals are not only experts in leading people through extreme situations but have a passion for sharing this knowledge and empowering others.

If this is of interest, please get in touch via or visit here.