Hobo Squad - USA

Will & Patrick

Two friends who have their lives centered around the ocean and competing in races together – skills in all vessel types and competing in a canoe for 2018.

Team Savage - CAD

Kelly & Naomi

An experienced husband and wife team who have been paddling and racing together for over a decade.

Kiwis - NZ

Wendy & Ian

A keen paddling duo from NZ who have competed in the Yukon1000 before (2014) and in every Godzone adventure race.


Nick & Max

Both team members have extensive rowing experience with Nick winning the first ever race across the Indian Ocean in 2009.

Extremely Insane SUPMAD Kiwi - NED/ NZ

Alex & Tony

Two SUP racers from opposite ends of the Earth, their goal is to break the race record to the finish line.

Harlin Chancers - UK

Tom & Jack

An enthusiastic sporting team who are competing to challenge themselves and their resilience, but also to raise money for Scope – a charity that gives disabled people the same opportunities as everyone else

Starboard - NED

Bart & Ike

Both looking for a new adventure (be careful what you wish for!) these two experienced SUP racers are in it for the personal challenge.

Kokorua - NZ

Simon & Neil

Travelling all the way from New Zealand these two are looking to get over the finish line (preferably in front of any Australians!).

Cocoplum Navy - USA

Chip & Scott

Both endurance athletes for SUP, both team members are another duo that are in this for the physical challenge.

10th Life Kayaking - USA

Paul & Salli

Both outdoor junkies and endurance athletes, these two are searching for their limits and hoping to find them with the Yukon1000.

Essence - UK

Oliver & Mathew

Both regulars on endurance events (North Sea, Atlantic, Gobi Desert) all in aid of NSPCC – a UK children’s charity.

Yu-kon not be serious - UK

Tom & Jamie

These late entrants for the race are well prepared for a survival/ endurance experience with their military backgrounds – they are in the race to remind each other they “still have it”.

Independent Poland - PL/ USA

Marcin & Ben

Both from different corners of the Earth, Marcin has experience in paddling all over the world from the Amazon to Siberia; Ben is our most local competitor with canoes always being part of his life.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - USA/ CAD

Jonathan & Daniel

A mysterious duo with a lot of survival and paddling experience.

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