Hobo Squad - USA

Will & Patrick

Two friends who have their lives centered around the ocean and competing in races together – skills in all vessel types and competing in a canoe for 2018.

Team Savage - CAD

Kelly & Naomi

An experienced husband and wife team who have been paddling and racing together for over a decade.

Kiwis - NZ

Wendy & Ian

A keen paddling duo from NZ who have competed in the Yukon1000 before (2014) and in every Godzone adventure race.


Nick & Max

Both team members have extensive rowing experience with Nick winning the first ever race across the Indian Ocean in 2009.

Extremely Insane SUPMAD Kiwi - NED/ NZ

Alex & Tony

Two SUP racers from opposite ends of the Earth, their goal is to break the race record to the finish line.

Harlin Chancers - UK

Tom & Jack

An enthusiastic sporting team who are competing to challenge themselves and their resilience, but also to raise money for Scope – a charity that gives disabled people the same opportunities as everyone else

Starboard - NED

Bart & Ike

Both looking for a new adventure (be careful what you wish for!) these two experienced SUP racers are in it for the personal challenge.

Kokorua - NZ

Simon & Neil

Travelling all the way from New Zealand these two are looking to get over the finish line (preferably in front of any Australians!).

Cocoplum Navy - USA

Chip & Scott

Both endurance athletes for SUP, both team members are another duo that are in this for the physical challenge.

10th Life Kayaking - USA

Paul & Salli

Both outdoor junkies and endurance athletes, these two are searching for their limits and hoping to find them with the Yukon1000.

Essence - UK

Oliver & Mathew

Both regulars on endurance events (North Sea, Atlantic, Gobi Desert) all in aid of NSPCC – a UK children’s charity.

Yu-kon not be serious - UK

Tom & Jamie

These late entrants for the race are well prepared for a survival/ endurance experience with their military backgrounds – they are in the race to remind each other they “still have it”.

Independent Poland - PL/ USA

Marcin & Ben

Both from different corners of the Earth, Marcin has experience in paddling all over the world from the Amazon to Siberia; Ben is our most local competitor with canoes always being part of his life.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - USA/ CAD

Jonathan & Daniel

Daniel and Jonathan enjoy canoeing Canada’s many rivers and lakes. They had decided to try their luck on the mighty Yukon River and, in the process, hope to raise money for human rights defenders who have been forced into exile.  Click here to donate.

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