Terms & Conditions

In order for your registration to be accepted into the Yukon 1000, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Yukon 1000 will be run in 2018, starting 22 July 2018, the race is 1000 miles. The race organisers reserve the right to alter the length and format of the race at their discretion at any time.

There are a limited number of team entries, a team constituting 2 paddlers in either; 1 x canoe, 2 x kayaks or 2 x SUPs (SUPs to be determined due to logistical time considerations).


The race fee for the 2018 Yukon 1000 is $640CAN per person, which includes recovery of competitors and kit to Fairbanks and/or Whitehorse.

Once successful in gaining a place in the 2018 Yukon1000 race, a team has 4 weeks from notification of acceptance to pay 50% the race entry fee ($320CAN) to confirm the place.

Failure to pay this will void the team registration.

The remaining 50% of the race fee must be paid by 1st March 2018. Failure to pay this will void the team registration, they will not be refunded the initial 50% race entry fee.

Any team withdrawls before the 1st January (exclusive) will be refunded the 50% race entry fee.

Team member changes – changes to team members will be looked at on individual case by case basis, the race committee maintains the right to reject any changes where they feel the lack of experience or physical health of any individual might endanger their life, or the life of a team mate.

No changes can be made after 01 April 2018 (exclusive).


  • The 2018 Yukon 1000 race organisers provide the structure for the race.
  • Race brief on 21st July 2018 in Whitehorse, and the race start on 22nd July 2018.
  • Race tracking via SPOT trackers and the website, www.Yukon1000.org, and the individual rankings as the race progresses. Update emails to team members’ friends and family as the race progresses.
  • 24hr race monitoring of SPOT trackers and contact to emergency services where required.
  • Pick up from any vehicle access point to the river in the event of a team withdrawing from the race.
  • T-shirt, upon payment of full race fee.
  • Medal and finisher’s certificate upon completion of the race.
  • Canoes and Kayaks rented from Whitehorse will be returned by the race organisers.
  • Privately owned canoes and kayaks are the responsibility of the owners, where able the race organisers may be able to help transport those canoes and kayaks back to Whitehorse.
  • Pick ups will be arranged from the finish by the local bus (Saturday or  Wednesdays) and transport to Fairbanks and/or Whitehorse, there is an extra cost of circa $50 for this bus.


  • Any flights or transfers to the race start.
  • Food or accommodation before, after or during the race.
  • Any equipment, including kayaks or canoes. (Paddling equipment can be hired).
  • Personal insurance, for example cover cancellation, loss of items.
  • Training costs.
  • Doctors or emergency medical cover fees (e.g. for E.C.G blood tests, medical care).
  • Cost of the bus to Fairbanks and/or Whitehorse (circa $50).
  • Any flights from Fairbanks upon conclusion of the race.

Entry requirements

  • Deadlines for payments and all payment instalments to be met as itemised.
  • Deadlines for completion of registration must be kept; the online form to be completed after successful registration.
  • Waivers will be sent out with the race information pack. The following waivers will need to be signed before starting the race.
    • Acceptance of these terms and conditions of booking.
    • Acceptance of the rules that apply to this race.
    • Acceptance and signature of the 2018 Yukon 1000 safely waiver.
    • Acceptance and signature of the Bear conflict avoidance and promise of Bear precautions to be taken.

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