The Entry Process

Be under no illusion:
the 2018 Yukon 1000 is a dangerous undertaking.

The Yukon 1000 race committee provides the format for the race and monitoring. There is no safety cover on the race other than the Spot tracking.

The race committee will collate entries and offer 30 teams the opportunity to race based on a range of criteria, including paddling and high risk adventure experience. The race committee reserve the right to reject any entry where they feel the lack of experience or physical health of any individual might endanger their life, or the life of a team mate. The minimum age for any team member is 19 years old.

TIMELINE – The 2018 timeline for example:

Registration opens

15th November 2017

Entrants can now register their interest for the 2018 Yukon 1000.

Race packs distributed

15th March 2018

All teams receive the detailed race rules, mandatory safety equipment lists and necessary waivers.

Documentation submitted

31st March 2018

All teams must have submitted necessary waivers and detailed information.

Device Registration

1st June 2018

All Spot tracking devices are registered.


21st July 2018

Mandatory pre race briefing in Whitehorse.


  • To register teams must submit their names, team name and email address here.
  • Teams will be sent the registration forms via email.
  • Teams will receive a receipt of their race application and will be informed of the success of the application.
  • Race Registration closes at the fulfilment of 30 places or on 1 June 2019, whichever is sooner. After this time a waiting list will be created.
  • Successful teams will be asked to complete the necessary waivers and submit further personal details, places will only be secured with the first payment of the race entry fee (via Paypal), which must be made within 4 weeks of the reciept of succesful registration, and completion of these forms.
  • Teams will not be registered or appear in the team bios page until registration is paid, and all documentation is complete. Spot tracking devices must be registered before 01 Jun 2019.
  • Detailed race rules and information will be sent throughout the course of 2019.
  • Detailed mandatory safety equipment will be sent by 30 April 2019.
  • All racers will be required to attend the mandatory pre race briefing in Whitehorse.


Registration for each team is free.  Once a team registration has been successful the race entry fee of will be due within 4 weeks; payable by Paypal.  Failure to pay this will void the team registration.

Withdrawls – Any team withdrawls before 01 April (exclusive) will be refunded 50% of their entry fee, teams withdrawing after that with forfeit their entry fee.

Team member changes – changes to team members will be looked on individual case by case basis, the race committee maintains the right to reject any changes where they feel the lack of experience or physical health of any individual might endanger their life, or the life of a team mate. No changes can be made after 01 June 2018 (exclusive).