The Yukon 1000 is steeped in the history of the land. When Skookum Jim Mason, Dawson Charlie and George Washington Carmack found gold in a tributary of the Klondike River in August 1896, they had little idea of what would ensue.

During the first year of the rush an estimated 20,000 gold seekers spent an average of three months packing their outfits over trails and over the passes to the lakes. Once prospectors had moved their gear top the lakes, they built or bought boats to float the remaining 560 miles to Dawson City and the Klondike district in search of that limitless supply of golden nuggets.

The Yukon 1000 race follows the route of the Klondike goldrush in testament to the fortitude of those two centuries before. The Race starts in Whitehorse and continues down river all the way to the Alaska Pipeline Bridge on the Dalton Highway, 1000 miles, 1600 Kilometres downstream.

The race has run in this format since 2009, run by Peter Coates who developed the race with GPS tracking expertise. It ran again yearly until 2012 where it hence became a bi-annual race with competitors travelling internationally to compete. Unlike most other events, the Yukon 1000 race is unique for its requirement for ultimate self reliance and the remote  and dangerous adventure experience.

History makers

With every Yukon 1000 race, a new set of adventurers chase, make and break records.

Below are the results from each race.

PositionNumberVesselTeam NameTeam MembersTotal Time
19CanoeMainely NutsBrad Krog, Terry Wescott7 days 04:36:00
27CanoeFoot GuardsRichard Archer, Jonathan Frith7 days 09:36:00
35KayakKayaking For ConservationMarcus Savage, Peter Tyrrell8 days 00:52:00
411CanoeMinnesota GneissEmma Burgeson, Paige Norman8 days 02:45:00
58KayakBrothers in ArmsHamish Mackay-Lewis, Geordie Mackay-Lewis8 days 03:13:00
62CanoeThe Trail Events TeamPhil Langman, Iain Lomas8 days 03:41:00
713CanoeTourists from EuropeHolger Schmieding, Malte L Schmieding8 days 13:25:00
810CanoeDukeMax Peckover, Myles McEachern
91ASoloPaddle City PunksChristina Hebert
101BSoloPaddle City PunksJoe Eastin
PositionNumberVesselTeam NameTeam MembersPaddling TimeCorrected Time
113KayakHPHenry Hendron, Freddy Purcell6 days 06:32:316 days 06:32:31
2=6KayakBoothworksMarcus Booth, Larry Booth
2=7KayakMortimer PondRob Kimber, Richard Wattam
2=8SoloRaging HomersDwaine Heudes, Homer Simpson
PositionNumberVesselTeam NameTeam MembersPaddling TimeCorrected Time
14KayakWho KnowsSimon Coward, Adam Harmer6 days 8:50:006 days 8:50:00
25Voyageurvoyager3Kerry Newell, Paul Repak, Helen Holly Crouch, Jon Vermilyea, Ashley Cary, Lorraine Turturro6 days 10:15:316 days 10:15:31
31CanoeBruins In RuinsTerry Wescott, Sandra Mitchell7 days 10:46:447 days 10:46:44
43KayakIf at First …..Monique Dube, Todd Pugsley
52CanoeThe BrosRick Soparlo, Kevin Breker
PositionNumberVesselTeam NameTeam MembersPaddling TimeCorrected Time
1=3bSoloAusy TomsSteve Pizzey07 days 01:27:2707 days 01:27:27
1=3aSoloAusy TomsTom Simmat07 days 01:27:2707 days 01:27:27
34CanoeStarfactorRod Spinks, Greg Lennox07 days 02:58:0607 days 02:58:06
45CanoeTIP-C (totally immature, probably crazy)David Dahl, Rick Lorenzen07 days 03:34:1007 days 03:34:10
58VoyageurSugar Creek BearsPhil Saunders Gerhard Munger Rob Gunther Tom Mayer Tom Wyble Thomas Stern07 days 11:17:2007 days 11:17:20
61CanoeBearly MovingSandra Mitchell, Robert Mitchell08 days 14:47:4108 days 14:47:41
79KayakShalomVikingBjörn Stansvik, Michael Anschel
86KayakChapter 1Monique Dube, Simon Coward
97KayakChapter 2Blair Trotman, Nicole Nadorozny
102CanoeA Grizzly EndMatthew Jones, Dr Minesh Patel
PositionNumberVesselTeam NameTeam MembersPaddling TimeCorrected Time
1=4KayakTeam HendronRichard Hendron, Henry Hendron06 days 02:11:0706 days 02:11:07
31KayakAll the WayDarren Crocker, Earl Hewett06 days 05:30:4506 days 05:30:45
410yukon voyageursKerry J. Newell Paul Repak Helen (Holly) Crouch Mike Trump Matt Trump Teresa Stout Brian McDonnell06 days 07:54:2306 days 07:54:23
511CanoePrice and OlsonArdie Olson, Rod Price06 days 08:54:0006 days 08:54:00
619CanoeThe Dueling BanjosJosia Freeman, Ben Couturier07 days 00:18:0007 days 00:18:00
714CanoeFrozen HobosJonathan Morgan, Ben Schmidt07 days 08:07:0007 days 08:07:00
88CanoeYukon DuetRoland Ring-Jarvi , Bob Carrigan07 days 11:27:0007 days 11:27:00
97CanoeWe Must Be NutsLarry Seethaler, Brenda Forsythe07 days 11:55:0007 days 11:55:00
1018Canoetim x twotim van nest, tim van nest jr07 days 12:32:0007 days 12:32:00
1=15KayakAfter the Gold RushRob Colliver, Russ Dawkins06 days 02:11:0706 days 02:11:07
113Canoenorthern currentCristan McLain, Alex McLain07 days 22:34:0007 days 22:34:00
125KayakHumpbacksMichael J Sullivan, Steve Daigle08 days 00:30:0008 days 00:30:00
139CanoeBest of the MediocreDavid M Dahl, Doug Berg08 days 03:46:0008 days 03:46:00
146CanoeGonzosGordon Warnica, Allan Billard09 days 07:48:0009 days 07:48:00
1516CanoeTanned, Rested and ReadyBob Polk, Trent Herbst10 days 03:41:2210 days 03:41:22
162CanoeFruit LoopsMary Houck, John Ders
1813CanoeMAC and TractorboyBrian McDonnell, Andrew Jillings
1912KayakLast Frontier Eco AllianceJ.T. Hessert, Mike Jayne

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